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Spanking 101
Rachel’s Long Schoolday, Part 4 - Spanking101thevideos

Poor Rachel Adams is already sore from two spankings from her strict StepMom Miss Katherine and a hard spanking from firm-handed Principal Tubaman.

Now she is sen BACK to the Principal’s Office.

This time she must bend over for swats with a mean plywood Spencer Paddle.

And her day is FAR from over.

Paul Rogers, Rachel Adams

rachels_long_schoolday_4.mp4 - 575.3 MB

[Image: Rachel%5C%27s_Long_Schoolday_Part_4.jpg]

[Image: rachels_long_schoolday_4.mp4.jpg]
Rachel’s Long Schoolday, Part 5 - Spanking101thevideos

Naughty Rachel Adams has already been spanked twice by stepmom Miss Katherine and spanked and paddled by strict Principal Tubaman.

Now she gets sent BACK to the Principal and must take another seat-scalding paddling in her thin leggings.

And her day has just begun.

Paul Rogers, Rachel Adams

rachels_long_schoolday_5.mp4 - 685.7 MB

[Image: Rachel%5C%27s_Long_Schoolday_Part_5.jpg]

[Image: rachels_long_schoolday_5.mp4.jpg]
Rachel’s Long Schoolday, Part 6 - Spanking101thevideos

Naughty Rachel Adams’ long schoolday continues.

She has already been spanked FIVE times and her bottom is blazing.

Her last spanking was a rear-burning paddling.

Unfortunately, on her way out of the Principal’s Office, she actually snarls “That’s some bullshit!”

Straight back to the Office she goes for a SECOND paddling, twice as many swats and twice as hard.

To add insult to injury, she is still standing in humiliating timeout, rubbing her tender bottom, as secretary Katherine Worthington walks in. SO EMARRASSING!!!

Katherine Worthington, Paul Rogers, Rachel Adams

rachels_long_schoolday_6.mp4 - 995.3 MB

[Image: Rachel%5C%27s_Long_Schoolday_Part_6.jpg]

[Image: rachels_long_schoolday_6.mp4.jpg]
Rachel’s Long Schoolday, Part 7 - Spanking101thevideos

Naughty and sore schoolgirl Rachel Adams’ long schoolday continues as she is called into the Principal’s Office again.

This time she is put over his knee for a hard spanking, THEN must bend over over an ass-searing paddling.

Paul Rogers, Rachel Adams

rachels_long_schoolday_7.mp4 - 753.8 MB

[Image: Rachel%5C%27s_Long_Schoolday_Part_7.jpg]

[Image: rachels_long_schoolday_7.mp4.jpg]
Rachel’s Long Schoolday, Part 8 - Spanking101thevideos

Naughty schoolgirl Rachel Adams has had a very long schoolday.

She has been spanked twice by StepMom Miss Katherine, then spanked twice and paddled three times. by Principal Tubaman.

Now she is sent back for ANOTHER spanking, and ANOTHER paddling, both to her bare, welted, red bottom.

Now she has to face her StepMom again!

Paul Rogers, Rachel Adams

rachels_long_schoolday_8.mp4 - 812.1 MB

[Image: Rachel%5C%27s_Long_Schoolday_Part_8.jpg]

[Image: rachels_long_schoolday_8.mp4.jpg]
[Image: alice_3_swats_ff_1_converted__1_.jpg]

[Image: alice_3_swats_ff_1_converted__2_.jpg]


Alice vs The Principal, Female/Female Version, Part 1 - Spanking 101

Naughty Alice Michaels is sent to Principal Sarah Gregory for punishment and Ms Gregory wastes no time in heating the seat of her tight jeans, then sends her home to face Daddy Tubaman. When he gets home it is "A spanking at school means a spanking at home," so Tubaman blisters her bare bottom, so severely that she can't sit down afterwards. Then she has o face Ms Gregory AGAIN the next morning and gets her sore bottom paddled AGAIN!

Alice Michaels, Sarah Gregory

File Name :
File Size : 144.7 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080
Duration : 00:02:35 - 144.7 MB
[Image: Two_Cheerleaders_Tanned_-_Spanking_101__1_.jpg]

[Image: Two_Cheerleaders_Tanned_-_Spanking_101__2_.jpg]

Two Cheerleaders Tanned - Spanking 101

Tow fake cheerleaders, Sarah Gregory and Amy Fox, misbehave constantly and gets spanked, paddled, strapped and slippered with by strict Momma Katherine Worthington and Principal Tubaman

Amy Fox, Sarah Gregory, Katherine Worthington, Paul Rogers

Two Cheerleaders Tanned, Part 1, Angle 1
Two Cheerleaders Tanned, Part 1, Angle 2
Two Cheerleaders Tanned, Part 2, Angle 1
Two Cheerleaders Tanned, Part 2, Angle 2
Two Cheerleaders Tanned, Part 3, Angle 1
Two Cheerleaders Tanned, Part 3, Angle 2
Two Cheerleaders Tanned, Part 4, Angle 1
Two Cheerleaders Tanned, Part 4, Angle 2
Two Cheerleaders Tanned, Part 5, Angle 1
Two Cheerleaders Tanned, Part 5, Angle 2
Two Cheerleaders Tanned, Part 6, Angle 1
Two Cheerleaders Tanned, Part 6, Angle 2
Two Cheerleaders Tanned, Part 7, Angle 1
Two Cheerleaders Tanned, Part 7, Angle 2

2cheer_1_1_momma_1.mp4 - 939.2 MB
2cheer_1_1_momma_2.mp4 - 944.4 MB
2cheer_1_1_principal_1.mp4 - 979.3 MB
2cheer_1_1_principal_2.mp4 - 977.3 MB
2cheer_1_2_momma_1.mp4 - 649.8 MB
2cheer_1_2_momma_2.mp4 - 654.0 MB
2cheer_1_2_principal_1.mp4 - 579.6 MB
2cheer_1_2_principal_2.mp4 - 572.2 MB
2cheer_2_1_momma_1.mp4 - 597.0 MB
2cheer_2_1_momma_2.mp4 - 603.4 MB
2cheer_2_2_momma_1.mp4 - 629.3 MB
2cheer_2_2_momma_2.mp4 - 628.2 MB
2cheer_2_principal_1.mp4 - 814.0 MB
2cheer_2_principal_2.mp4 - 815.0 MB

[Image: 2cheer_1_1_momma_1.mp4.jpg] [Image: 2cheer_1_1_momma_2.mp4.jpg] [Image: 2cheer_1_1_principal_1.mp4.jpg] [Image: 2cheer_1_1_principal_2_copy.mp4.jpg] [Image: 2cheer_1_2_momma_1.mp4.jpg] [Image: 2cheer_1_2_momma_2.mp4.jpg] [Image: 2cheer_1_2_principal_1.mp4.jpg] [Image: 2cheer_1_2_principal_2.mp4.jpg] [Image: 2cheer_2_1_momma_1.mp4.jpg] [Image: 2cheer_2_1_momma_2_copy.mp4.jpg] [Image: 2cheer_2_2_momma_1.mp4.jpg] [Image: 2cheer_2_2_momma_2.mp4.jpg] [Image: 2cheer_2_principal_1.mp4.jpg] [Image: 2cheer_2_principal_2.mp4.jpg]
Punishing Kiki, Part 1 – Spanking 101

Adorably naughty Kiki Cali sasses old grouch Tubaman, with painfully predictable results. Two spankings. Two strappings. And a ton of embarrassing corner time.

Naughty little Kiki Cali is grounded and throws a temper tantrum when told she may not break her grounding and go out. Predictable consequence: a hard spanking!

Kiki Cali, Paul Rogers - 980.3 MB

Punishing Kiki –

[Image: Punishing_Kiki__Part_1_-_Spanking101thevideos__1_.jpg]

[Image: Punishing_Kiki__Part_1_-_Spanking101thevideos__2_.jpg]

[Image: Spanking_101_The_Clips_-_Punishing_Kiki__Part_1.jpg]
Punishing Kiki, Part 2 – Spanking 101

Naughty, spoiled Kiki Cali throws a temper tantrum when Daddy Tubaman refuses to allow her to go out while grounded. She has already been soundly spanked, and now she mist bend over for the strap!

Kiki Cali, Paul Rogers - 852.4 MB

Punishing Kiki –

[Image: Punishing_Kiki__Part_2_Spanking101thevideos__1_.jpg]

[Image: Punishing_Kiki__Part_2_Spanking101thevideos__2_.jpg]

[Image: Punishing_Kiki__Part_2_Spanking101thevideos__3_.jpg]

[Image: Spanking_101_The_Clips_-_Punishing_Kiki__Part_2.jpg]
Punishing Kiki, Part 3 – Spanking 101

Spoiled brat Kiki Cali threw a temper tantrum when reminded she was grounded, and paid for it with a spanking and a strapping, but thing are now getting more serious. She drops her pants and panties and takes a THIRD trip over Daddy’s knee for a hard and well-deserved bare-bottom spanking.

Kiki Cali, Paul Rogers - 899.7 MB

Punishing Kiki –

[Image: Punishing_Kiki__Part_3_-_Spanking101thevideos__1_.jpg]

[Image: Punishing_Kiki__Part_3_-_Spanking101thevideos__2_.jpg]

[Image: Spanking_101_The_Clips_-_Punishing_Kiki__Part_3.jpg]

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