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Spanking 101
Spanking 101
Spanking 101 The Videos is here! Join now for the hottest spanking models getting spanked over their clothing and on their bare bottoms.
This series of videos started out when a friend asked me to do a spanking demonstration for her BDSM group. My wife and I had so much fun doing it, that I decided to write a book, which then became a series of four books and a CD, soon to be available at spanking101thebook. When I was outted by an ex, I lost my vanilla job, so I decided to do videos that were also informative, to go along with the books.
Spanking101thevideos, Spanking 101 The Book, Spanking 101 The Videos

Two Cheerleaders Tanned, Part 1-3 Spanking101thevideos - 2.7 GB

Fake Cheerleaders, Real Spankings, Part 1-3 Spanking 101: The Clips

Tow fake cheerleaders, Sarah Gregory and Amy Fox, misbehave constantly and gets spanked, paddled, strapped and slippered with by strict Momma Katherine Worthington and Principal Tubaman

Fake Cheerleaders, Real Spankings, Part 1: As sore fake cheerleader Sarah Gregory rubs her stinging butt in time out, ditzy sister Amy Fox gets her turn over angry StepMom Katherine Worthington's knee.

Fake Cheerleaders, Real Spankings, Part 2: Naughty fake cheerleaders Sarah Gregory and Amy Fox get their bottoms warmed by strict Momma Katherine Worthington. Amy gets hers. This is the alternate angle.

Fake Cheerleaders, Real Spankings, Part 3: Their bottoms still tingling from the spanking Katherine Worthington administered, fake cheerleaders Sarah Gregory and Amy Fox are sent to Principal (and Sarah's real life Daddy) Tubaman for a paddling. Sarah is first to bend over.

Fucking tumblerĀ  Cool (Tubaman), not only did he sell old videos during the covid, passing them off as new, he constantly sells the same clips with different names ... Difficulties in sorting his products: Two Cheerleaders Tanned, Part 1-3 / Fake Cheerleaders, Real Spankings, Part 1-3

Amy Fox, Katherine Worthington, Paul Rogers, Sarah Gregory

Spanking101thevideos, Spanking 101 The Book, Spanking 101 The Videos, Amy Fox, Paul Rogers, Sarah Gregory, Katherine Worthington

[Image: 1_Fake_Cheerleaders__Real_Spankings.jpg]

[Image: 1_Two_Cheerleaders_Tanned.jpg]

[Image: 2cheer_1_1_momma_1.mp4.jpg]

[Image: 2cheer_1_1_momma_2.mp4.jpg]

[Image: 2cheer_1_1_principal_1.mp4.jpg]
Angelica's Long Schoolday

Angelica Vee, Katherine Worthington, Paul Rogers

Naughty Angelica Vee has a VERY long schoolday, filled with punishments, FIFTEEN hard spankings to be exact. Spankings, paddlings, corner time, spankings by Principal Tubaman and Coach Worthington result Ian Avery well-punished young lady.

angelica_longday_10_cheer_otk_1.mp4 - 809.4 MB
angelica_longday_10_cheer_otk_2.mp4 - 814.6 MB
angelica_longday_11_cheer_paddle_1.mp4 - 627.9 MB
angelica_longday_11_cheer_paddle_2.mp4 - 625.0 MB
angelica_longday_12_drunk_dress_1.mp4 - 304.5 MB
angelica_longday_12_drunk_dress_2.mp4 - 305.4 MB
angelica_longday_2_jeans_paddle_1.mp4 - 682.7 MB
angelica_longday_2_jeans_paddle_2.mp4 - 690.8 MB
angelica_longday_3_jodhpurs_1.mp4 - 964.9 MB
angelica_longday_4_leggings_otk_1 copy.mp4 - 625.3 MB
angelica_longday_4_leggings_otk_2.mp4 - 613.9 MB
angelica_longday_5_leggings_paddle_1.mp4 - 637.4 MB
angelica_longday_5_leggings_paddle_2.mp4 - 634.8 MB
angelica_longday_6_nude_1_a.mp4 - 766.3 MB
angelica_longday_6_nude_2.mp4 - 759.8 MB
angelica_longday_7_pingpong_1.mp4 - 865.4 MB
angelica_longday_7_pingpong_2.mp4 - 858.9 MB
angelica_longday_8_volleyball_otk_1.mp4 - 715.8 MB
angelica_longday_8_volleyball_otk_2.mp4 - 761.3 MB
angelica_longday_9_volleyball_paddle_1.mp4 - 684.5 MB
angelica_longday_9_volleyball_paddle_2.mp4 - 630.4 MB
angelica_longday_jodhpurs_2.mp4 - 1.1 GB

[Image: 1__1_.jpg]

[Image: 1__2_.jpg]

[Image: 1__3_.jpg]

[Image: 1__4_.jpg]

[Image: angelica_longday_2_jeans_paddle_1.mp4.jpg] [Image: angelica_longday_2_jeans_paddle_2.mp4.jpg] [Image: angelica_longday_3_jodhpurs_1.mp4.jpg] [Image: angelica_longday_4_leggings_otk_1_copy.mp4.jpg] [Image: angelica_longday_4_leggings_otk_2.mp4.jpg] [Image: angelica_longday_5_leggings_paddle_1.mp4.jpg] [Image: angelica_longday_5_leggings_paddle_2.mp4.jpg] [Image: angelica_longday_6_nude_1_a.mp4.jpg] [Image: angelica_longday_6_nude_2.mp4.jpg] [Image: angelica_longday_7_pingpong_1.mp4.jpg]
[Image: angelica_longday_7_pingpong_2.mp4.jpg] [Image: angelica_longday_8_volleyball_otk_1.mp4.jpg] [Image: angelica_longday_8_volleyball_otk_2.mp4.jpg] [Image: angelica_longday_9_volleyball_paddle_1.mp4.jpg] [Image: angelica_longday_9_volleyball_paddle_2.mp4.jpg] [Image: angelica_longday_10_cheer_otk_1.mp4.jpg] [Image: angelica_longday_10_cheer_otk_2.mp4.jpg] [Image: angelica_longday_11_cheer_paddle_1.mp4.jpg] [Image: angelica_longday_11_cheer_paddle_2.mp4.jpg] [Image: angelica_longday_12_drunk_dress_1.mp4.jpg] [Image: angelica_longday_12_drunk_dress_2.mp4.jpg] [Image: angelica_longday_jodhpurs_2.mp4.jpg]
Spanked for Sploshing, Part 1

Beautiful Ava Nyx, Kajira Bound, and Kitty Quinn all get into a food fight and end up splashing Tubaman as well. Afterwards, three naughty nude girls get soundly spanked, then cropped and paddled. Afterwards, they must scrub the floors clean, on hands and knees, buck naked, and with toothbrushes.

Ava Nyx, Kajira Bound, Kitty Quinn, Paul Rogers - 1.1 GB

[Image: 2__1_.jpg]

[Image: 2__2_.jpg]

[Image: 2.jpg]
Ava's Lift and Carry Punishments

Adorable little Ava Nyx gets spanked and spanked, and spanked again by real life Daddy Tubaman, each time in a different lift and carry position: Cradle and Flip Captain Morgan Over the Shoulder

Ava Nyx, Paul Rogers

ava_lift_and_carry_1.mp4 - 789.1 MB
ava_lift_and_carry_2.mp4 - 744.8 MB
ava_lift_and_carry_3.mp4 - 701.4 MB

[Image: s101-2041-020.jpg]

[Image: ava_lift_and_carry_1.mp4.jpg]

[Image: ava_lift_and_carry_2.mp4.jpg]

[Image: ava_lift_and_carry_3.mp4.jpg]
Ava Denied

Naughty Ava Nyx is grounded from orgasms, and real life Daddy Tubaman has to leave for a spell and reminds her what happened the last time she disobeyed him. Unfortunately, Ava is really horny and can't control herself and soon puts her vibrator to good use and has an earth-shattering orgasm. Even MORE unfortunately, Tubaman comes home early and catches her. He soundly spanks her, then makes her fetch three things: her vibrator, a cane, and a huge spencer paddle. After a hard swat to remind her what it will feel like if she screws up again, he has her put the vibrator in position and canes her mercilessly as she is denied her orgasm over and over again. Afterwards, Ava has trouble sitting down and needs an ice pack for her throbbing privates.

Ava Nyx, Paul Rogers

ava_orgasm_denial_1.mp4 - 1.4 GB
ava_orgasm_denial_2.mp4 - 1.3 GB
ava_orgasm_denial_3.mp4 - 2.0 GB

[Image: 1.jpg]

[Image: 2.jpg]

[Image: 3.jpg]

[Image: ava_orgasm_denial_1.mp4.jpg]

[Image: ava_orgasm_denial_2.mp4.jpg]

[Image: ava_orgasm_denial_3.mp4.jpg]
Spanked for Sploshing, Part 2

As sore Ava Nyx rubs her burning bottom, it is now Kajira Bound's turn over Tubaman's knee as scared Kitty Quinn looks on.

This is the alternate angle.

Ava Nyx, Kajira Bound, Kitty Quinn, Paul Rogers

splosh_spank_1_alt.mp4 - 1.1 GB

[Image: splosh_spank_1_alt__1_.jpg]

[Image: splosh_spank_1_alt__2_.jpg]

[Image: splosh_spank_1_alt__3_.jpg]

[Image: splosh_spank_1_alt.mp4.jpg]
Jayda's Nude Spankings

Beautiful Jayda Blayze strips naked and takes FOUTR hard spankings in a row, including two hard OTK spankings, one with hand and one with straplet, then bends over for a strapping and a paddling.

Jayda Blayze, Paul Rogers

jayda_nude_3_strap_1.mp4 - 544.5 MB
jayda_nude_3_strap_2.mp4 - 543.3 MB
jayda_nude_4_paddle_1.mp4 - 611.3 MB
jayda_nude_4_paddle_2.mp4 - 568.9 MB

[Image: 1.jpg]

[Image: 2.jpg]

[Image: jayda_nude_3_strap_1.mp4.jpg]

[Image: jayda_nude_3_strap_2.mp4.jpg]

[Image: jayda_nude_4_paddle_1.mp4.jpg]

[Image: jayda_nude_4_paddle_2.mp4.jpg]
Riley's Long Day

Adorably naughty Riley Haze endures a day full of spankings from both her Dad and the school Principal. Also, corner time and soap in the mouth.

Riley Haze, Paul Rogers

rileys_long_day_1.mp4 - 508.7 MB
rileys_long_day_3.mp4 - 538.3 MB
rileys_long_day_4.mp4 - 558.3 MB
rileys_long_day_5 copy.mp4 - 649.4 MB
rileys_long_day_6.mp4 - 563.1 MB
rileys_long_day_7.mp4 - 819.9 MB
rileys_long_day_8.mp4 - 512.3 MB
rileys_long_day_9.mp4 - 560.3 MB
rileys_long_day_10.mp4 - 772.9 MB
rileys_long_day_11.mp4 - 1019.2 MB
rileys_long_day_12.mp4 - 683.1 MB
rileys_long_day_13.mp4 - 885.2 MB

[Image: 1.jpg]

[Image: 2.jpg]

[Image: 3.jpg]

[Image: 4.jpg]

[Image: rileys_long_day_1.mp4.jpg] [Image: rileys_long_day_3.mp4.jpg] [Image: rileys_long_day_4.mp4.jpg] [Image: rileys_long_day_5_copy.mp4.jpg] [Image: rileys_long_day_6.mp4.jpg] [Image: rileys_long_day_7.mp4.jpg]
[Image: rileys_long_day_8.mp4.jpg] [Image: rileys_long_day_9.mp4.jpg] [Image: rileys_long_day_10.mp4.jpg] [Image: rileys_long_day_11.mp4.jpg] [Image: rileys_long_day_12.mp4.jpg] [Image: rileys_long_day_13.mp4.jpg]
Nyxi's Outfits Spankings

Naughty Nyxi Leon takes FIVE hard spankings and FIVE seat-scalding paddlings from Tubaman.

Nyxi Leon, Paul Rogers

nyxi_outfits_1.mp4 - 583.2 MB
nyxi_outfits_2.mp4 - 610.5 MB
nyxi_outfits_3.mp4 - 568.2 MB
nyxi_outfits_4.mp4 - 800.2 MB
nyxi_outfits_5.mp4 - 806.2 MB
nyxi_outfits_6.mp4 - 701.8 MB

[Image: nyxi_outfits.jpg]

[Image: nyxi_outfits_1.mp4.jpg]

[Image: nyxi_outfits_2.mp4.jpg]

[Image: nyxi_outfits_3_copy.mp4.jpg]

[Image: nyxi_outfits_4.mp4.jpg]

[Image: nyxi_outfits_5.mp4.jpg]

[Image: nyxi_outfits_6.mp4.jpg]
Jayda's Outfits Spankings

Sexy Jayda Blayze dons multiple hot outfits and gets spanked and paddled in each, a total of EIGHTEEN hard punishments!

Jayda Blayze, Paul Rogers

jayda_outfits_2_leggings_1.mp4 - 856.3 MB
jayda_outfits_2_leggings_2.mp4 - 853.8 MB
jayda_outfits_3_pantyhose_1.mp4 - 834.2 MB
jayda_outfits_3_pantyhose_2.mp4 - 832.5 MB
jayda_outfits_4_nude_1.mp4 - 650.7 MB
jayda_outfits_4_nude_2.mp4 - 650.6 MB
jayda_outfits_5_peel_dress_1.mp4 - 742.9 MB
jayda_outfits_5_peel_dress_2.mp4 - 740.5 MB
jayda_outfits_6_peel_pantyhose_1.mp4 - 849.5 MB

[Image: jayda_outfits__1_.jpg]

[Image: jayda_outfits__2_.jpg]

[Image: jayda_outfits__3_.jpg]

[Image: jayda_outfits_2_leggings_1.mp4.jpg][Image: jayda_outfits_2_leggings_2.mp4.jpg][Image: jayda_outfits_3_pantyhose_1.mp4.jpg][Image: jayda_outfits_3_pantyhose_2.mp4.jpg][Image: jayda_outfits_4_nude_1.mp4.jpg][Image: jayda_outfits_4_nude_2.mp4.jpg][Image: jayda_outfits_5_peel_dress_1.mp4.jpg][Image: jayda_outfits_5_peel_dress_2.mp4.jpg][Image: jayda_outfits_6_peel_pantyhose_1.mp4.jpg]

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