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Some girls never learn part 1 spr-2257 Spankingsarah

It’s been 3 months since Morgan has been to stay with her Step Mommy Sarah and sadly, standards have started to slip. It seems that Morgan can behave but needs timely reminders. Step Mommy Sarah knows just how to treat naughty adult women who act like brats. Morgan tries to lie and claims that her behaviour has been impeccable, but Sarah is nobodies fool and soon gets to the bottom of things. Morgan is going to relearn the hard way just how she is expected to behave. She is given a hard no nonsense hand spanking straight away over her strict Step Mommies knee. Her leggings and panties are yanked down in order for her bare bottom to feel the full weight of Sarah’s hard and heavy hand

Morgan May, Sarah Stern

spr-2257.mp4 - 855.9 MB

[Image: Morgan_May__Sarah_Stern_-_Some_girls_nev...ah__1_.jpg]

[Image: Morgan_May__Sarah_Stern_-_Some_girls_nev...ah__2_.jpg]

[Image: Morgan_May__Sarah_Stern_-_Some_girls_nev...gsarah.jpg]

[Image: Some_girls_never_learn_part_1_spr-2257_S...gsarah.jpg]
It takes two spr-2294 Spankingsarah

Sofia Is absolutely furious with her work colleague Alora. She feels that Alora has been telling tales. She confronts her and the argument soon becomes physical with clothes being pulled, hair being tugged and face slapping. Sarah cannot believe what is happening and threatens to call the police. Rather then criminal charges being brought, Sofia reluctantly consents to the matter being dealt with in house. Sarah makes Sofia remove her clothes and stand against the wall with her arms in the air for a hard old fashioned bare bottom spanking. A feisty Sofia is not happy, especially when she realises that Alora is taking photos of her ordeal

Laura Lux, Sarah Stern, Sofia Saint

spr-2294.mp4 - 974.6 MB

[Image: Alora_Lux__Sarah_Stern__Sofia_Saint_-_It...gsarah.jpg]

[Image: It_takes_two_spr-2294_Spankingsarah.jpg]
You stole my money spr-2151 Spankingsarah

Gemma and Lola work together but are not friends. Lola has been accused of steeling from her co-worker. She will not admit to what she has done and slaps Gemma around the face. Unfortunately for her this is witnessed by her strict boss who immediately takes Lola over her knee and spanks her bottom till it’s bright red and sore. Lola is instructed to stand in the corner with her arms over her head until Mrs. Stern returns. Gemma is delighted that Lola has got herself into trouble but still wants an apology and her money. She taunts Lola and takes photos of her with her phone and threatens to post them on the internet. Mrs. Stern is made aware of this upon her return and swiftly deals with Gemma as well Next both the girls are soundly spanked on their bare bottoms, to encourage closeness they are spanked at the same time with Lola laying on top of Gemma. At the end of their ordeal the girls are made to hug and make up their differences in the workplace.

Gemma Mc Bride, Holly Hill, Sarah Stern

spr-2151.mp4 - 1.4 GB

[Image: 379721302_gemma-mc-bride-holly-hill-you-...arah-1.jpg]

[Image: 379721307_gemma-mc-bride-holly-hill-you-...arah-2.jpg]

[Image: 379721310_gemma-mc-bride-holly-hill-you-...-sarah.jpg]

[Image: 379721312_you-stole-my-money-spr-2151-spankingsarah.jpg]
Spanking audition for Rosie Sky spr-2131 Spankingsarah

We take a great delight in finding new girls for you and in particular when they are, like Rosie Sky, spanking virgins. We are never certain just how their spanking audition will turn out, some can’t take the pain and quit there and then but we are pleased to say that once we took her pyjama pants down and she was over the knee getting her tiny little bottom spanked she did seem to get well into the scene. She took a real good hard spanking which left her bottom rosy red.

Rosie Sky, Sarah Stern

spr-2131.mp4 - 750.5 MB

[Image: A_spanking_virgin_spr-2131_English-spankers.JPG]

[Image: First_spanking_for_Rosie_Sky_spr-2131_En...ankers.JPG]

[Image: Rosie_Sky_first_spanking_spr-2131_English-spankers.JPG]

[Image: Spanking_audition_spr-2131_English-spankers.jpg]
Rent arrears spr-1838 Spankingsarah

I am still at the accommodation I rent to Isabel, I have had to punish her already for breaking the rules but now I have to tackle the problem of rent arrears. I am a firm believer in the effectiveness of corporal punishment and will help her get her affairs in order with a swift and painful application of the cane to her bare bottom.

I love to get these girls bent over the table, selecty a cane suitable for the job and then really swish it through the air and see them flinch before I give them the first stroke.

Isabel Dean, Sarah Stern

spr-1838.mp4 - 811.4 MB

[Image: Isabel_Dean_-_Rent_arrears_spr-1838_Span...ah__1_.JPG]

[Image: Isabel_Dean_-_Rent_arrears_spr-1838_Spanking_Sarah.JPG]

[Image: Rent_arrears_spr-1838_Spankingsarah.jpg]
Trainee teacher regrets part 1 spr-2365 Spankingsarah

Lily is a new teacher at a private all girls’ school.  A lot of the pupils are over 18 but have had to stay in full time education because they have failed their exams. Lily has a unique way of disciplining these girls and has found her ways to be most successful. Unfortunately, one of the Board of Governors does not agree. Lily is confronted and as all her implements are on full view on her desk, she cannot deny what she has been doing. She is given a choice of being treated the same way as these pupils or being dismissed. She reluctantly agrees to take some of the same punishment. She immediately goes over the knee and gets spanked just like the naughty teens she has been in control of. Poor Lily is not only humiliated but given a far harder spanking then she has ever administered. When her bare bottom is red and sore, she is told to stand in the corner and wait for her Boss to return. Will this be the end of her torment?

Kady, Sarah Stern

spr-2365.mp4 - 590.3 MB

[Image: Kady_-_Trainee_teacher_regrets_part_1_sp..._Sarah.jpg]

[Image: spr-2365.mp4.jpg]
Best British Spanking Archive - Spankingsarah, English-spankers, Redstripefilms - 164 Clips

[Image: Best_British_Spanking_Archive.jpg]

Best British Spanking Archive - Spankingsarah, English-spankers, Redstripefilms - 164 Clips

Spankingsarah - 253.3 MB

spr-1005.wmv - 159.3 MB
spr-1005.wmv - 159.3 MB
spr-1006.wmv - 228.6 MB
spr-1006.wmv - 228.6 MB
spr-1007.wmv - 36.0 MB
spr-1007.wmv - 247.4 MB
spr-1008.wmv - 133.3 MB
spr-1015.wmv - 165.2 MB
spr-1016.wmv - 109.5 MB
spr-1041.wmv - 155.8 MB
spr-1063.wmv - 198.6 MB
spr-1064.wmv - 463.6 MB
spr-1065.wmv - 131.1 MB
spr-1066.wmv - 398.4 MB
spr-1066.wmv - 398.4 MB
spr-1072.wmv - 211.5 MB
spr-1093.wmv - 160.7 MB
spr-1127.wmv - 179.6 MB
spr-1128.wmv - 166.5 MB
spr-1131.wmv - 148.4 MB
spr-1131.wmv - 149.1 MB
spr-1147.wmv - 339.8 MB
spr-1148.wmv - 330.4 MB
spr-1156.wmv - 230.2 MB
spr-1157.wmv - 165.6 MB
spr-1181.wmv - 169.4 MB
spr-1199.wmv - 194.8 MB
spr-1218.wmv - 10.5 MB
spr-1235.wmv - 194.5 MB
spr-1246.wmv - 143.3 MB
spr-1247.wmv - 164.2 MB
spr-1248.wmv - 185.2 MB
spr-1257.wmv - 272.1 MB
spr-1267.wmv - 222.9 MB
spr-1277.wmv - 141.3 MB
spr-1278.wmv - 197.0 MB
spr-1340.wmv - 187.9 MB
spr-1351.wmv - 150.9 MB
spr-1352.wmv - 141.0 MB
spr-1363.wmv - 172.8 MB
spr-1364.wmv - 144.5 MB
spr-1398.wmv - 229.3 MB
spr-1399.wmv - 97.6 MB
spr-1402.wmv - 182.5 MB
spr-1407.wmv - 166.9 MB
spr-1408.wmv - 225.0 MB
spr-1448.wmv - 297.4 MB
spr-1744.mp4 - 772.9 MB
spr-1745.mp4 - 486.4 MB
spr-307.wmv - 122.0 MB
spr-308.wmv - 269.4 MB
spr-359.wmv - 209.4 MB
spr-360.wmv - 291.5 MB
spr-361.wmv - 210.3 MB
spr-373.wmv - 247.1 MB
spr-375.wmv - 210.7 MB
spr-376.wmv - 119.4 MB
spr-380.wmv - 151.8 MB
spr-381.wmv - 80.8 MB
spr-390.wmv - 6.1 MB
spr-391.wmv - 257.2 MB
spr-392.wmv - 218.7 MB
spr-394.wmv - 201.7 MB
spr-396.wmv - 177.1 MB
spr-410.mp4 - 623.3 MB
spr-413.mp4 - 417.3 MB
spr-430.wmv - 183.1 MB
spr-455a.wmv - 120.9 MB
spr-455b.wmv - 125.0 MB
spr-460.wmv - 229.3 MB
spr-468.wmv - 148.2 MB
spr-469.wmv - 58.6 MB
spr-470.wmv - 88.9 MB
spr-478.wmv - 211.5 MB
spr-486.wmv - 302.8 MB
spr-495a.wmv - 243.6 MB
spr-495b.wmv - 116.9 MB
spr-498.wmv - 133.7 MB
spr-499.wmv - 105.8 MB
spr-503.wmv - 249.7 MB
spr-507.wmv - 193.3 MB
spr-508.wmv - 320.5 MB
spr-508.wmv - 320.5 MB
spr-512.wmv - 94.5 MB
spr-528.wmv - 325.6 MB
spr-529.wmv - 188.1 MB
spr-530.wmv - 315.7 MB
spr-561.wmv - 222.7 MB
spr-562.wmv - 197.0 MB
spr-572.wmv - 239.9 MB
spr-573.wmv - 230.8 MB
spr-573.wmv - 230.8 MB
spr-574.wmv - 177.6 MB
spr-575.wmv - 177.1 MB
spr-576.wmv - 166.0 MB
spr-578.mp4 - 439.1 MB
spr-579.mp4 - 304.2 MB
spr-609.wmv - 279.0 MB
spr-610.wmv - 172.6 MB
spr-611.mp4 - 576.8 MB
spr-616.mp4 - 422.2 MB
spr-617-8.wmv - 153.6 MB
spr-645.wmv - 35.1 MB
spr-646.wmv - 292.8 MB
spr-647.wmv - 214.9 MB
spr-659.wmv - 319.2 MB
spr-660.wmv - 155.8 MB
spr-661.mp4 - 771.8 MB
spr-661.mp4 - 771.8 MB
spr-662.mp4 - 660.3 MB
spr-662.mp4 - 660.3 MB
spr-671.wmv - 300.9 MB
spr-672.wmv - 244.3 MB
spr-681.wmv - 219.0 MB
spr-682.wmv - 210.1 MB
spr-683.wmv - 225.4 MB
spr-687.wmv - 323.6 MB
spr-688.wmv - 206.1 MB
spr-699.mp4 - 489.3 MB
spr-700.mp4 - 514.2 MB
spr-702.wmv - 123.7 MB
spr-712.wmv - 193.4 MB
spr-713.wmv - 210.1 MB
spr-713.wmv - 191.8 MB
spr-724.wmv - 215.8 MB
spr-732.wmv - 251.8 MB
spr-733.wmv - 204.5 MB
spr-750.wmv - 290.3 MB
spr-751.wmv - 301.8 MB
spr-756.wmv - 203.7 MB
spr-757.wmv - 219.3 MB
spr-778.wmv - 262.6 MB
spr-780.wmv - 269.7 MB
spr-799.wmv - 177.4 MB
spr-799.wmv - 177.4 MB
spr-804.wmv - 234.9 MB
spr-805.wmv - 191.2 MB
spr-849.wmv - 227.7 MB
spr-850.wmv - 233.4 MB
spr-859.wmv - 210.3 MB
spr-860.wmv - 198.0 MB
spr-872.wmv - 152.8 MB
spr-885.wmv - 259.0 MB
spr-885.wmv - 259.0 MB
spr-886.wmv - 171.7 MB
spr-887.wmv - 317.7 MB
spr-888.wmv - 2.5 MB
spr-897.wmv - 320.0 MB
spr-898.wmv - 39.4 MB
spr-905.wmv - 152.6 MB
spr-906.wmv - 152.5 MB
spr-907.wmv - 172.2 MB
spr-931.wmv - 122.3 MB
spr-931.wmv - 122.3 MB
spr-946.wmv - 202.3 MB
spr-947.wmv - 126.4 MB
spr-947.wmv - 126.4 MB
spr-959.wmv - 144.7 MB
spr-959.wmv - 144.7 MB
spr-988.wmv - 197.7 MB
spr-988.wmv - 197.7 MB
spr-989.wmv - 130.5 MB
spr-989.wmv - 130.5 MB
spr-990.wmv - 171.5 MB

spr-1270.mp4 - 621.0 MB
spr-1828.mp4 - 927.6 MB
spr-913.mp4 - 663.0 MB
Stripes Of Shame part 1 spr-2369 Spankingsarah

Ash is the Captain of the team. A team which has just been penalised by the actions of one of its players. Not only is Mila unrepentant for her behaviour, but she is argumentative and does not take any notice of the team captain. Ash feels a suitable punishment is to take away her uniform. Mila comes out of the shower wearing only a towel and demands its return. The two girls bicker and the argument is overheard by the coach who is unhappy with the both of them. Coach decides to punish the captain privately and asks Mila to leave the room. Ash is told to take off her clothes and goes over the knee and gets a hard hand spanking. Mila is then told to return, and she is spanked and paddled both by the coach and the naked captain.

Ashley Benson, Mila Grant, Sarah Stern

spr-2369.mp4 - 879.2 MB

Stripes Of Shame part 1 spr-2369 4K Ultra HD
Stripes Of Shame part 2 spr-2370 4K Ultra HD
Stripes Of Shame Full Clip spr-2368 4K Ultra HD

[Image: Ashley_Benson__Mila_Grant__Sarah_Stern_-..._Sarah.jpg]

[Image: spr-2369.jpg]

[Image: spr-2369.mp4.jpg]
Redemption spr-1874 Spankingsarah

Sometimes only pain will solve the problem and no one knows that better than Mr Stern. He takes time to explain this to Sister Suzanne who is still dressed in unauthorised underwear although this is not a problem for Stern. He has every intention of imparting some problem solving through the use of an extremely thick and heavy leather paddle onto the bare bottom of the poor nun. She is quite willing to accept this pain and it really is pain.

Mr Stern, Suzanne Smart

spr-1874.mp4 - 622.7 MB

[Image: Redemption_spr-1874_Spankingsarah.jpg]

[Image: Suzanne_Smart_-_Redemption_spr-1874_Spankingsarah.jpg]
Violet is spanked and diapered spr-2065 Spankingsarah

Lovely young Violet is accused of bed wetting but so are you! Now who is the guilty party and will they own up. It seems not, so It is Violet who will be punished. She is dressed in her pyjamas and she has to go over Mommy’s knee for a good hard bare bottom spanking. But that’s not all. As she may have been the one to wet the bed she is going to have to be put into a diaper. This she finds very embarrassing and pleads with Mommy Sarah to let her off this humiliation but she will not be excused. Naughty girls have to be punished. She has to lay on the bed whilst Step Mommy Sarah puts her into a full diaper and further humiliates her by making her show this off to you.

Sarah Stern, Violet Haze

spr-2065.mp4 - 349.4 MB

[Image: Violet_Haze_is_spanked_and_diapered_spr-..._Sarah.jpg]

[Image: spr-2065.mp4.jpg]

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