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Spanking Sarah (Sarah Stern aka Sarah Bright) is a naughty secretary, a lady who indulges herself in her favorite pastime spanking and being spanked. What does she like? Discipline and punishment in the form of bare bottom hand spanking, the paddle, the cane the birch and the strap. You will get a unique view of the world of spanking, corporal punishment and sex. Become one of Sarah’s friends and see her full length movies. This site features free films and pictures of spanking and discipline punishments by headmasters and disciplinarians on some of the naughtiest girls.

The job share Gabie’s story spr-2315 Spankingsarah

This is a full feature film, one of two telling a story about the problems two girls encounter at work and the pain they go through as a result of their bad behaviour

I confront Gabie about some inconsistencies at my office. I’m pretty sure she has been making mistakes but she blames another member of staff. It’s only fair that I check out this information but I’m still unsure as to who is actually culpable. What to do? Well, I decide if Gabie wants to keep her job, she needs to do exactly what she is told. I’m sick of these fully grown women in my office acting like littles. Gabie gets a good scolding and then finds herself over my knee getting her first hand spanking of her adult life. When I’ve made her bare bottom really red and sore I make her stand in the corner with her bottom on display.

Watch Gabie age regress under my careful guidance. Her adult clothes are removed and we see her put on the school uniform provided. Her sexy knickers substituted for plain white panties, her stockings for socks. She gets wedged and spanked hard. I tell her that from now on she must refer to me as Step Mommy Sarah. This time I put her in a vulnerable diaper position over my knee. My hard hand spanks hit the most vulnerable of places. When I feel that she has learnt her lesson I make her sit bare bottomed to write lines.

I’ve taken Gabie to my house to continue her age regression lessons. I’ve told her all about my rules and what happens if she breaks one. I was not very happy to find Gabie laying on the bed in her new school uniform playing with her pussy! I scold her and then give her s good hard dose of the paddle. I even apply a few spanks to her naughty pussy. A spanking during the day also means a spanking before bed so a few hours later I come back and put a pyjama clad Gabie back over my knee for a good hard spanking

Echo Evangelista, Gabie, Sarah Stern

spr-2315.mp4 - 2.9 GB

[Image: The_job_share_Gabies_story_spr-2315_Span...ah__1_.jpg]

[Image: The_job_share_Gabies_story_spr-2315_Span...ah__2_.jpg]

[Image: The_job_share_Gabies_story_spr-2315_Spankingsarah.jpg]

[Image: The_job_share_Gabie%5C%27s_story_spr-231...gsarah.jpg]
Holly at her first audition spr-781 Spankingsarah

Yes every new girl has to start out on her spanking life somewhere and with Mr Stern is no bad place. He has spanked more ladies bottoms than most people have hot dinners but he just keeps on going. Watch as newbie Holly goes over his knees to get her very first real good hard spanking. How will she take to it and what does she think. Have a listen to what she has to say.

Holly, Mr Stern

spr-781.mp4 - 643.9 MB

[Image: spr-781.JPG]

[Image: spr-781.mp4.jpg]
I’ts a painful lesson part 2 spr-2292 Spankingsarah

Willow and Essie have been spanked and they are made to stand with their hands on their heads and await Sarah’s return. She brings with her some punishment pads. They are the perfect size for a spanked bottom and the spikes certainly add to the discomfort. The girls have to sit on them for a prolonged period and Essie loses her right to dress like a grown woman. As she has been silly and deceitful, you can dress the same as Willow and wear school uniform. Mommy Sarah believes further punishment is in order so sits herself down on the wooden stool and places each school uniform clad girl over her knee and spanks their bare bottoms hard. Both girls are then stood in the corner.

Essie, Faerie Willow, Sarah Stern

spr-2292.mp4 - 926.3 MB

[Image: Essie__Faerie_Willow_-_I%5C%27ts_a_painf..._Sarah.jpg]

[Image: I%5C%27ts_a_painful_lesson_part_2_spr-22..._Sarah.jpg]

[Image: Spanking_Sarah_-_I%5C%27ts_a_painful_les..._Stern.jpg]

[Image: spr-2292_Spankingsarah.jpg]
The refresher course part 1 spr-2277 Spankingsarah

It’s been a while since Mommy Sarah Stern (Sarah Bright) has seen Lulu Lamb. She moved away but it seems that her standards have been slipping, A little bird has told Sarah that Lulu is once more behaving more like a silly spoilt brat then the full grown woman she is. Drastic measures must be taken to prevent this from happening. Lulu is summoned to appear before her Mommy and time in no uncertain terms that she is going to benefit from a short visit. She is immediately placed over the knee and given a good hard spanking on her bare bottom which soon makes her remember exactly what happens if you do not follow the rules. Her knickers are found to be dirty which earns her some extra slaps beside she is made to stand in the corner with those soiled panties hanging on the wall.

Lulu Lamb, Sarah Stern

spr-2277.mp4 - 576.9 MB

[Image: Lulu_Lamb_-_The_refresher_course_part_1_..._Sarah.jpg]

[Image: Refresher_course_part_1_spr-2277_Spanking_Sarah.jpg]

[Image: spr-2277_Spankingsarah.jpg]
The refresher course part 3 spr-2279 Spankingsarah

A very naughty Lulu Lamb knows that if she gets a spanking during the day that she will get spanked again at night. She also knows that Step Mommy will check her panties. Despite Lulu not liking the pain if a smacked bottom, the thought that Step Mommy will soon come into her bedroom has made her pussy very wet. Poor Lulu knows that there will be extra trouble if it is found that her knickers are dirty so she quickly hides them under the pillow. This was rather silly as wearing no knickers is almost as bad as soiling clean ones. She gets a good hard over the knee hand spanking followed by the hairbrush for her silly deception. To make her punishment even worse Mommy Sarah makes her panties absolutely soaking wet and makes Lulu put them back on. The punishment position is also very embarrassing as she is placed in the diaper position.

Lulu Lamb, Sarah Stern

spr-2279.mp4 - 854.6 MB

[Image: Lulu_Lamb_-_The_refresher_course_part_3_..._Sarah.jpg]

[Image: The_refresher_course_part_3_spr-2279_Spanking_Sarah.jpg]
Teaching her a Lesson spr-1074 Spankingsarah

She has just a spanking but Bow seems not to have taken in the fact that she must behave herself. She is caught drinking alcohol by her Aunty and this. is strictly not allowed. Her shorts are swiftly removed she is then punished with a leather strap and a wicked martinet. This really does string and Bow pushes her bottom out and takes every swat.

Bow Jangles, Sarah Stern

spr-1074.mp4 - 441.1 MB

[Image: Teaching-her-a-Lesson.jpg]

[Image: Teaching-her-a-Lesson.mp4.jpg]
No pets allowed spr-1837 Spankingsarah

Isabel is in student accommodation and she knows she must not have any pets but she thinks she can get away with just a small one. Her landlady thinks differently however and is not happy with the smelly creature in her nice clean house. Isabel knew the rules when she took the accommodation and now she has to suffer the consequences. A good hard leathering from the landladies strap.

Isabel Dean, Sarah Stern

spr-1837.mp4 - 738.9 MB

[Image: spr-1837.jpg]

[Image: spr-1837.mp4.jpg]
The swindle spr-2304 Spankingsarah

My assistant Monica is very good at her job and I’ve always trusted her implicitly. This changes when it seems monies are going missing. I need to get to the bottom of this and I soon find that she has been stealing from me to fund her new Boyfriend! I don’t want to fire her but she must be taught a painful lesson. I firstly get her to bend over the desk and bare her bottom for the heaviest leather strap I have before I apply the cane. I always chose my canes carefully, they must be strong, and guaranteed to inflict the right amount of pain. In Monica’s case she deserves and gets the full treatment.

Monica Nowak, Sarah Stern

spr-2304.mp4 - 1.1 GB

[Image: Monica_Nowak_-_The_swindle_spr-2304_Span...ah__1_.jpg]

[Image: Monica_Nowak_-_The_swindle_spr-2304_Span...ah__2_.jpg]

[Image: Monica_Nowak_-_The_swindle_spr-2304_Spanking_Sarah.jpg]

[Image: The_swindle_spr-2304_Spanking_Sarah.jpg]
The test spr-2273 Spankingsarah

Luna is a new model to us. She has completed a full days filming but we had a request from a custom buyer to test her levels and limits for extreme pain and humiliation. First a finger is inserted into all her holes, mouth, pussy and anus. Her breasts are then roughly handled beside her face is slapped hard. Sarah then twists her nipples cruelly before slapping her inner thighs so hard that she leaves imprints of her hands. Luna then has her hands caned and a few more strokes of the cane added to her already welted bottom. Her pussy is then slapped hard before she is eventually allowed to bring herself to orgasm.

Luna, Sarah Stern

spr-2273.mp4 - 641.4 MB

[Image: Luna__Sarah_Stern_-_The_test_spr-2273_Sp..._Sarah.jpg]

[Image: Spanking_Sarah_-_The_test_spr-2273_Luna_..._Stern.jpg]
I want the same treatment spr-2284 Spankingsarah

Sarah has regressed many young women in her time so when an older woman turns up uninvited, she presumes she must be the Mother of one of the girls and that she has come to make a complaint. She us surprised then when instead Lucy Pure asks if she could please have some of the same treatment! Sarah is more than happy to tip this mature woman over the knee but decides to toy with her first and asks her what Lucy us going to do for her in return, Lucy begins to worship Sarah’s feet and stroke her legs and breasts, Sarah enjoys the feeling of power. This woman who is virtually the same age wants and needs Sarah to give her strict guidance and is willing to do anything in return. Lucy is spanked hard over Sarah’s knee firstly over her little dress but this is soon lifted up. Sarah notices that Lucy us wearing no knickers under her tights so decides to rip them off. After taking a good hard old fashioned bare bottom spanking Lucy is rewarded by a loving kiss.

Lucy Pure - The introduction part 1

Lucy Pure, Sarah Stern

spr-2284.mp4 - 914.1 MB

[Image: Lucy_Pure_-_I_want_the_same_treatment_sp..._Sarah.jpg]

[Image: Lucy_Pure_-_The_introduction_part_1_spr-..._Sarah.jpg]

[Image: The_introduction_part_1_spr-2284_Spanking_Sarah.jpg]

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