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Saerock Spanking
Saerock Spanking
I’m a 5’0” Japanese girl that is spanked very often for various reasons. I happened to film my punishment the other day and decided to share. I’ll be uploading a video whenever I am punished by my partner as he says it is part of the punishment. I’m a small Japanese spankee here to post videos of my sessions. Real spanking clips taken during real punishment sessions.

Truthful Communication - Saerock Spanking

I had developed an ugly habit of saying things I don’t mean which would lead to arguments or misunderstanding. Repeating something like that could cause problems in our relationship, so he decided to give me a spanking that would help me remember. Implements used: hand, rubber paddle, belt, leather whip, wooden paddle.



Truthful - 3.0 GB

[Image: Truthful_Communication.jpg]

A Spanking to Remember

I knew I was in for a hard spanking as this was a second offense, and for something he takes very seriously. We were in a room with lighting that changes colors every few seconds, but the only color my bottom was turning was… eh… you’ll see :p Implements used: hand, mini paddle. bath brush, jump rope, shoe horn, tawse, rubber paddle, riding crop.



A Spanking to - 3.1 GB

[Image: A_Spanking_to_Remember__0_.jpg]

[Image: A_Spanking_to_Remember__1_.jpg]

When Whining Goes Too Far

I didn’t know he kept track of how many times I whined and showed resistance before my spanking, but obviously it was a few too many. Before my 100 stroke caning/whipping, he decided to give ma a long paddling to make sure I take my punishment like a good girl. Implements used: mini paddle, bath brush, cane, riding crop.



When Whining Goes Too Far.mp4 - 1.5 GB

[Image: When_Whining_Goes_Too_Far__2_.jpg]

[Image: When_Whining_Goes_Too_Far.mp4.jpg]
40 Strokes, Or More?

I did some stupid and possibly hurtful things to test him, and got more than I bargained for… 40 strokes of the tawse, but only if I stay in position and behave. Trust me, I tried…! Implements used: hand, tawse.

彼の気を引くため(?)に試すようなことを繰り返して馬鹿なことをしてしまいました・・・自分からお仕置きを受ける覚悟を決めたつもりでしたが、トォーズの痛みに耐えきれず・・・何度も姿勢を崩してしまいやり直し・・・ 途中でお膝にも乗り、なかなか終わらないお仕置きとなりました。道具:手、トォーズ。


40 Strokes Or More.mp4 - 1.6 GB

[Image: 40_Strokes_Or_More__1_.jpg]

[Image: 40_Strokes_Or_More__3_.jpg]

[Image: 40_Strokes_Or_More.mp4.jpg]
Sae Punished For Being Careless Part 4

This is a punishment session for being careless and leaving the stove unattended, along with some other offenses. I definitely learned my lesson by the end of this long session. Implements used: hand, rubber paddle, black whip, carpet beater, hair brush.



Sae Punished For Being Careless Part 4.mp4 - 915.6 MB

[Image: Sae_Punished_For_Being_Careless_Part_4.jpg]

[Image: Sae_Punished_For_Being_Careless_Part_4.mp4.jpg]
Hurtful Words Part 1 - Saerock Spanking

I developed a nasty habit of saying mean things to test him. Sure enough, he knew what I was doing and never let me get to him, but after a few tries, he made clear what the consequences are for such behavior. Implements used: hand, hairbrush, bath brush, carpet beater, tawse.



Hurtful Words Part - 2.0 GB

[Image: Hurtful_Words_Part_1__1_.jpg]

[Image: Hurtful_Words_Part_1__2_.jpg]

[Image: Hurtful_Words_Part_1__3_.jpg]

Hurtful Words Part 2 - Saerock Spanking

Hurtful Words Part 1 continued. I developed a nasty habit of saying mean things to test him. Sure enough, he knew what I was doing and never let me get to him, but after a few tries, he made clear what the consequences are for such behavior. Implements used: cane, leather strap, shoe horn.

Hurtful Words Part 1 の続きです。気づいたら彼を試すようなことばかり言うようになり、しまいには「もうやだ!他のカーさんがいい」などと酷いことまで平気で言うようになっていました。さえが本気でないことはわかってくれていたけど、言っていいこと悪いことををたっぷり教えられました。道具:ケイン、レザーストラップ、靴べら。


Hurtful Words Part - 2.4 GB

[Image: Hurtful_Words_Part_2__1_.jpg]

[Image: Hurtful_Words_Part_2__2_.jpg]

[Image: Hurtful_Words_Part_2__3_.jpg]

Fun In Sailor Outfit - Saerock Spanking

Punished with a dildo, anal vibrator, magic wand, cane and paddle. Would you say I was enjoying my punishment?



Fun In Sailor - 2.5 GB

[Image: Fun_In_Sailor_Outfit__1_.jpg]

[Image: Fun_In_Sailor_Outfit__2_.jpg]

[Image: Fun_In_Sailor_Outfit__3_.jpg]

Up Too Late - Saerock Spanking

I usually do not get punished for staying up late or other small things like careless mistakes, etc. However, this night I stayed up late when I hadn’t been feeling well for a few days. He warned me to got to bed early and get the rest I need, but I chose to ignore him and stay on Twitter. Of course, he found out the next morning and scolded me and declared my punishment over Twitter. To make things worse I blamed my friend who I conversed with on Twitter and got extra for that (she also got a spanking from her husband, btw). Implements used: hand, belt, jump rope.



Up Too Late.mp4 - 1.6 GB

[Image: Saerock_-_Up_Too_Late__1_.jpg]

[Image: Saerock_-_Up_Too_Late__2_.jpg]

[Image: Saerock_-_Up_Too_Late__3_.jpg]

[Image: Up_Too_Late.mp4.jpg]
Restrained On All Fours - Saerock Spanking

Here is one of our BDSM sessions where I am restrained on all fours with an anal hook tied to my hair. Trust me, it’s impossible to act out in this situation. Implements used: hand, anal hook, restraints, flogger, sex toy, leather paddle.



Restrained On All Fours.mp4 - 1.0 GB

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[Image: Restrained_On_All_Fours_-_Saerock_Spanking.jpg]

[Image: Saerock_-_Restrained_On_All_Fours.jpg]

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