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Welcome to Cheerleader Spankings where you will see OTK (over the knee) spankings, girls punished at practice, wearing authentic cheer uniforms, spanked by each other, their coaching staff and teachers who need to discipline these often unruly cute girls. We have found girls from all over the world who have been very naughty and loved being in these uniforms often fulfilling their own fantasies of being that bratty cheerleader who needed a good hard spanking. We feature many sensual as well as severe discipline videos including some mean nasty strapping, paddling and caning punishments of girls to tears. If you are into seeing girl next door types, real lifestylers and those who are just plain naughty who need real discipline then you have come to the right place!

Not Without My Permission – Cheerleaderspankings

Bella only thinks of herself, as her step-mother is all too aware of and this latest incident reinforces just what a naughty selfish girl she is at home. Before going to cheer practice, Bella has cleared the furniture from the large Living Room so she can stretch and practice her routines… after all, she knows she is the best cheerleader at school, and practice makes perfect! Unfortunately for her, she forgets that in an hour, her step-mother has a Book Club meeting and the furniture and sofas had all been carefully arranged in the impressive room. Step-Mom (Mistress Scarlet) finds Bella practicing and scolds her selfish girl before deciding she needs further discipline since she should know that she can not do anything without first asking for permission. Bella is spanked hard over the maternal lap, the hard-hitting hand leaves Bella’s bare bottom, aching and red… but there is more to come. Next will be a harsh leathering with the dreaded “Family Strap” – for which the naughty miscreant is told to go and fetch for this to take place. How humiliating! What follows is an epic leather strapping and scolding from Scarlet as she continues to punish her girl, reminding her nothing in this house is done without her permission! Fans of Bella and Scarlet will love this film, and of course, it will appeal to connoisseurs of good old-fashioned spankings in an authentic cheer uniform.

Bella Bird, Mistress Scarlet

not_without_my_permission_aregerd.mp4 - 1.3 GB

[Image: Bella_Bird__Mistress_Scarlet_-_Not_Witho...gs__1_.jpg]

[Image: Bella_Bird__Mistress_Scarlet_-_Not_Witho...gs__2_.jpg]

[Image: Bella_Bird__Mistress_Scarlet_-_Not_Witho...nkings.jpg]

[Image: Not_Without_My_Permission_-_Cheerleaderspankings.jpg]
Sister’s Revenge clip 01

Younger sister, Zoe, wants to be on the same cheer squad as her older sister, Amelia. However, Amelia is far from pleased when Zoe asks her to use her influence as head cheer girl. In fact, Amelia is rather rude and dismissive of Zoe’s chances. This is how things have always been between these rival siblings and today, Zoe decides she has had enough. She surprises Amelia, grabbing and and taking her over the knee for a hard hand spanking like they get from mom and dad! Amelia is mortified that the marks on her bottom will be visible but Zoe doesn’t care and continues to spank her shocked older sister after pulling her white panties down. Amelia is embarrassed and surprised at how strong her little sister is! Further humiliation across her bare reddening bottom comes with a hairbrush spanking Amelia receives when she continues to avoid helping her sister’s dreams of getting onto the squad. Only when Amelia genuinely promises to try and help does Zoe finally allow her big sister some dignity and stops punishing her! Amelia will be much more considerate in future and has learnt a valuable lesson.

Amelia Jane Rutherford, Zoe Page

sisters_revenge_clip01.mp4 - 307.0 MB

[Image: 5b448eb39e395_1.jpg]

[Image: 5b448eb51f54f_2.jpg]
No More Broken Promises – Cheerleaderspankings

Please welcome Ciara Momoko Bubblezz (pronounced Si-air-rah Bubbles) in her first spanking film online. This is a classic tale of a cheer girl not making good on her promises. She has been failing to turn up on time, despite many warnings… as well as promising that she could perform the forward rolls required for the squad’s latest routine. During a local competition, she froze when she had to do her part of the routine, much to the annoyance and anger of her coach and the other girls. If she wants to remain in the squad and keep her prized scholarship, she will learn to keep promises with renewed impetus from a hard hand spanking followed by a special leather paddling. Coach Osborne spanks her over his lap with his firm hand on her bared bottom as it quickly turns a shameful red. Then he places her in a forward position over the bench as he continues to spank her exposed, quivering bottom before using the heavy paddle across her reddened cheeks of shame. Afterward, her sore bottom glowing from the coach’s punishment, she is left to contemplate her actions. She promises to do better in the future or face being benched and thrown out of the cheer squad.

Ciara Momoko Bubblezz, John Osborne

no_more_broken_promises.mp4 - 770.7 MB

[Image: Ciara_Momoko_Bubblezz__John_Osborne_-_No...nkings.jpg]

[Image: No_More_Broken_Promises_-_Ciara_Momoko_B...nkings.jpg]

[Image: no_more_broken_promises.mp4.jpg]
Caught Masturbating – Cheerleaderspankings

Ally has been a very naughty cheerleader, she has hidden herself away in her hotel room where the team are staying for their trip to The Regionals. She is late for the competition and Coach Evans eventually finds her in her room masturbating. She is half dressed in her cheer uniform, with her fingers buried in her panties! Coach is very upset and takes Ally over her knee to give her a humiliating bare bottom spanking. Also, to ensure she won’t forget being such a selfish squad members, Coach promises Ally will receives additional swats with the wooden “Bad Cheerleader” paddle too! Ally is taught that there is always a time and place for matters such as these and she should remember the importance of being there for the team when they are at Regionals.

Adriana Evans, Ally Cakes

caught_masturbating.mp4 - 626.2 MB

[Image: 7.jpg]

[Image: 8.jpg]
Learn to Behave – Cheerleaderspankings

Willow and Portia are rival cheerleaders attending a camp for those with behavioral issues. They have been summoned to see one of the camp organizers, Miss Matthews, as these two girls continue to bicker and fight with each other. They are given a chance to make up but they both refuse so she informs them that they will be spanked in front of each other. Willow goes first as she has already been in trouble at the camp and Portia will see what happens to naughty girls close up. Willow’s bottom is bared as she is taken over Miss Matthews’s lap for a hard hand spanking that has her kicking and squirming in both pain and embarrassment! Portia’s turn is next and she hasn’t been spanked so her white unblemished bum quickly turns red from the mean hand smacking she is given. When offered a chance to put their differences aside, the girls refuse and an angry Miss Matthews takes them both by the ear, placing them side by side over the bench… spanking their bottoms until both girls are sorry and mindful that they need to do better.

Clara Hewitt, Faerie Willow, Portia

learn_to_behave.mp4 - 1.1 GB

[Image: Clara_Hewitt__Faerie_Willow__Portia_-_Le...gs__1_.jpg]

[Image: Clara_Hewitt__Faerie_Willow__Portia_-_Le...gs__2_.jpg]

[Image: Learn_to_Behave_-_Cheerleaderspankings.jpg]
Apricot Taught a Lesson – Cheerleaderspankings

Apricot’s attitude recently has been causing her stepmother a lot of concern and witnessed by the latest incident when she arrived home early from cheer practice. Apricot claims that she isn’t feeling well and decided to quit practice early but her lack of sports panties fuels further mistrust from her stepmom. Since she isn’t feeling well, stepmom decides to take apricots temperature… rectally. The lying girl will do anything to prove she isn’t… so reluctantly agrees and realizes just how humiliating this is… all to cover up her fibs! She knows her girl all too well and decides to teach Apricot a further lesson by giving her a spanking across her bare buttocks… spanked like a naughty lying . The hand spanking is not enough though, and Apricot is told to fetch the family hairbrush and ask for stepmommy to use it hard across her sore aching buttocks. Apricot yelps and squirms as the nasty stinging implement reminds her that lying to stepmommy has painful consequences. She is one sorry-looking girl by the end, rubbing her red sore bottom better.

Apricot Pitts, Samantha Baker

apricot_taught_a_lesson.mp4 - 1.2 GB

[Image: Apricot_Pitts__Samantha_Baker_-_Apricot_...nkings.jpg]

[Image: Apricot_Taught_a_Lesson_-_Cheerleaderspankings.jpg]
Veronica Spanked for Poor Conduct – Cheerleaderspankings

Veronica is dragged home in shame by her step-mom after witnessing one of the worst tackles she had ever witnessed at the school soccer field. Veronica’s deliberate and mistimed tackle during the game resulted in her breaking the opponent’s leg! Once home, Veronica is ear pulled to the couch as Step-Mom still scolds her girl for that awful tackle… how could she do such a thing? She is pulled over the maternal lap where she is harshly spanked with step-mom’s hard hand and veronica quickly loses what remaining dignity she had with the removal of her shorts and panties. Without remorse, the spanking continues but then worse is to come as Veronica dares to place her hand and block the continued spanking. This infuriates her step-mother that she insists her girl go fetch the dreaded family Paddle… a stiff leather paddle that stings relentlessly. She soon remembers how painful this is as her pert buttocks are stuck out, receiving swat after swat bent over the couch. She will learn that poor conduct on the field of play has very real consequences off it… Veronica’s bottom will heal in a few days, which is more than can be said for her poor opponent’s leg!

Samantha Baker, Veronica Weston

veronica_spanked_for_poor_conduct.mp4 - 839.6 MB

[Image: Veronica_Spanked_for_Poor_Conduct_-_Chee...nkings.jpg]

[Image: veronica_spanked_for_poor_conduct.mp4.jpg]
Can’t Cheat to Win - Cheerleaderspankings

Coach Lake has called Anastasia to his office for a meeting (making her stunning debut with us here at Cheerleader Spankings). He is sitting on the couch when she arrives and this is not a good sign… as coach always likes to carry out punishments of naughty girls here. He explains to Anastasia how he knows it was she who had stolen some uniforms from rival teams at the local Cheer Meet to cause them distress when coming up against their team!

This could have had serious consequences for their squad being disqualified if the authorities knew… but this was now going to be disciplined “in house” to teach Anastasia a valuable lesson. That lesson is that “cheats can not win!” She knows the score and places herself over his lap as the coach’s strong hands spank her hard across her perfectly inviting, rounded bottom. She is squirming and wriggling in real pain as her shorts are pulled down and the spankings continue. He hasn’t finished with this young madam yet… next, he bends her over the couch, with her red bottom stuck out, for a severe leather strapping that has her crying out in agony! Anastasia learns that cheats really can’t win… and pays for it with a very sore, swollen bottom!

Anastasia St. Claire, Johnny Lake

anastasia_johnny_cheer.mp4 - 721.0 MB

[Image: anastasia_johnny_cheer_clip01__1_.jpg]

[Image: anastasia_johnny_cheer_clip01__2_.jpg]

[Image: 363407447_anastasia_johnny_cheer-mp4.jpg]
Ava Spanked and Diapered - Cheerleaderspankings

Ava needlessly peed in her shorts at cheer practice and made a mess of herself and disgusted her teammates. After being told to clean up, given a replacement pair, and sent home… the coach called Ava’s mother to inform her of the embarrassing bad news. This is where the film starts as Ava arrives home to find Mommy waiting for her with a hairbrush in hand with baby powder and a diaper placed next to her! Ava’s tummy flips at the sight of this… “Mom knows!” she thinks to herself. Mommy scolds Ava and is tells her how disgusted she is at her daughter’s juvenile behavior. She will be diapered like a baby, but first, she is going to be spanked… and spanked hard!

Ava’s tight black shorts offer little protection from mother’s hard hand and soon her bottom is bared revealing a reddening pair of glowing, shameful cheeks. Poor Ava squirms with embarrassment, looking at the diaper, knowing what is to come. However, the dreaded stinging Mason & Pearson hairbrush is painfully used across her sore quivering cheeks which focuses her senses. As her bottom throbs from the spanking, it is now time to lay back on the bench as she is about to be diapered for the first time in many years. As this takes place, the scoldings continue as mommy treats her like a baby taping up the oversized underwear. The diaper is crinkly and obvious, how will she be able to wear this to practice? Her humiliation is complete! Watch Ava getting spanked and diapered by mommy in this cheerleader discipline film with a difference!

Ava Nicole, Miss Bernadette

ava_spanked_diapered_cheer.mp4 - 1.1 GB

[Image: Ava_Spanked_and_Diapered__1_.jpg]

[Image: Ava_Spanked_and_Diapered__2_.jpg]

[Image: Ava_Spanked_and_Diapered__3_.jpg]

[Image: Ava_Spanked_and_Diapered__4_.jpg]

[Image: Ava_Spanked_and_Diapered__5_.jpg]
Daizy Learns Her Lesson - Cheerleaderspankings

Daizy’s behavior at cheer practice has been totally unacceptable. A few of the girls in the team are now refusing to practice alongside her after the cruel things and foul language she had used against them. So she is sent to the head coach’s apartment on the school campus after he heard what had happened. She might be the best cheer girl in the squad but she needs to learn a lesson or face dismissal. Even as she is being scolded, the coach witnesses her bratty behavior and he is having none of it.

He takes her over his lap for a good old fashioned, humiliating bare bottom spanking. She complains and continues to be sassy but eventually, after a sustained hard hand spanking, her bottom is sore and very swollen. Daizy learns her lesson at last and is more contrite. Afterward, she is told to get out of his sight, change out of that uniform she had disgraced and return home where she would have to answer to her parents too!

Daizy Cooper, John Osborne

daizy_learns_her_lesson.mp4 - 652.1 MB

[Image: Daizy_Learns_Her_Lesson__1_.jpg]

[Image: Daizy_Learns_Her_Lesson__2_.jpg]

[Image: Daizy_Learns_Her_Lesson__3_.jpg]

[Image: Daizy_Learns_Her_Lesson__4_.jpg]

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